For more than a decade, the professionals at WallacePancher Group have served the Appalachian Bituminous Coal market by providing a wide range of environmental, engineering, and permitting services throughout the middle Appalachian Coal Region.

As a leading civil engineering firm, our work supports numerous high-production, southwestern Pennsylvania mine operations. It satisfies the stringent regulatory requirements of federal and state environmental agencies, including the USEPA, USACE, Office of Surface Mining, PADEP District Mining Offices, resource agencies, and local governments.

From the outset, the professionals at WallacePancher Group work with mine operator personnel to successfully navigate a wide range of challenging surface and underground mining projects through the rigorous permit application process.

Let the skilled professionals at WallacePancher Group help plan and design your next project to achieve maximum success.



Environmental Inventories
  • GIS Data Management
  • Spatial Data Analysis
  • Certified Wetland Delineators
  • Large Scale Project Experience
  • GPS Data Collection
  • SQL Database Management
  • Client Web-Based Access
  • GIS Analysis and Mapping

  • Preparation of PA, OH, and WV SMCRA
  • State 401 Water Quality Certification
  • USACE Nationwide Permit Applications
  • Section 404 Permit Applications
  • State General Permits

  • Aquatic Resource Assessment
  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Permit Compliance
  • Pre- and Post-Mining Stream Assessments
  • Release Reporting
  • GIS Web-Based Client Interface
  • SFS-Certified Taxonomists
  • Project-Level Sampling Program Design

Mitigation Development, Design, and Monitoring
  • Site Selection and Landowner Coordination
  • Conservation Easement Negotiation
  • Development of Achievable Mitigation Goals
  • Construction Inspection and Consultation
  • Cost Estimates and Construction Scheduling

What is Mining Engineering?

Mining engineering is a type of engineering that involves extracting and processing minerals from the environment. This practice allows the extraction of non-renewable resources such as petroleum, natural gas, ores, and precious metals. With WallacePancher Group, you are guaranteed to get the best possible level of civil and environmental engineering for your project.

Here are some key aspects of mining engineering:

Mine Design – Mining engineers design safe and efficient mines for removing coal and metals. They are involved in creating mining plans, designing mines’ layouts, and determining the equipment to be used.

Feasibility Studies – Mining engineers conduct feasibility studies to estimate the costs and the economic viability of a potential mining project. They consider aspects like the ore grade, deposit size, and accessibility to infrastructures like roads and power.

Mineral Exploration – Mining engineers are involved in the exploration phase, where they determine where to find valuable minerals and how much of these minerals exist in a certain area. Techniques used can include geophysical and geochemical methods, drilling, and sampling.

Safety and Environmental Considerations – Mining engineers must ensure the safety of miners and minimize the environmental impact of the mines. This includes developing safety protocols, monitoring the stability of the mine, and implementing methods to reduce environmental damage.