Parks & Resorts

Over the course of the past two decades, WallacePancher Group and Hays Landscape Architecture Studio have produced dozens of plans for parks & resorts.

These projects vary from revenue/master plans for 100+ acre parcels down to small pocket parks. The Wheeling Park Commission/Oglebay Resort, Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Muskingum Valley Park District, and The City of Hermitage, PA, have been our largest repeat clients, accounting for more than 20 projects. Public Gardens & Arboreta projects have also been central in this market, with 9 projects in recent years.


What We Do

  • County-wide Park Planning
  • Regional Park Master Plans
  • Community Park Master Plans
  • Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plans
  • Arboretum Master Plans
  • Botanic Garden Master Planning
  • Campus Planning
  • Watershed Planning
  • Resort Planning

  • Urban Plazas & Squares
  • Waterfront Parks
  • Athletic Fields & Courts
  • Playgrounds
  • Amphitheaters
  • Swimming Pools & Splash Pads
  • Trails
  • Public Gardens
  • Memorials
  • Art & Children’s Gardens
  • Construction Documents, Bidding, & Construction Oversight

  • Private Sector Sponsorship Plans
  • ADA Accessibility
  • Park Foundation & Friend Group Development
  • Parks and Recreation Facilities & Operations Assessments
  • Management & Operations Recommendations
  • Operational Pro-formas
  • Board Training/Visioning
  • Graphic Design/Illustrative Drawings
  • Grant Writing Support
  • Green Initiatives
  • Historic Preservation

How Does Engineering for Parks & Resorts Work?

Engineering plays a vital role in the development of parks and resorts, helping to transform ideas into reality while ensuring that facilities are safe, functional, and sustainable.

Let’s take a closer look at some specific areas:

Site Analysis and Planning– Before any construction begins, engineers must evaluate the site’s characteristics, including topography, soil composition, drainage, vegetation, and existing structures.

Master Planning– This is the stage where the overall vision for the park or resort is developed. Engineers will work with architects and landscape architects to develop a plan that includes infrastructure like roads, buildings, and utilities, as well as amenities like walking trails, swimming pools, or playgrounds.

Structural Design– Any structures, such as buildings, bridges, or observation decks, will need to be designed by a structural engineer. They will ensure that these structures are safe and capable of withstanding a host of environmental factors.

Infrastructure Design– Engineers design the essential infrastructure for the park or resort. This can include roads, parking lots, water and sewage systems, and electrical systems.

Environmental Consulting– Parks and resorts often exist in harmony with the natural environment. Environmental engineers play a critical role in managing waste, controlling erosion, protecting water quality, and preserving habitats.