Oglebay Resort Master Plan

Oglebay has earned its reputation by the American Institute of Park Executives as being “America’s Model Municipal Park,” not only by meeting its mission of provid-ing quality recreational, educational and cultural experiences for the community and its guests, but also by being one of the few major public parks in the country to be self-sustaining. Only one percent of Oglebay’s $23 million budget is derived from public tax funds.

In an ongoing effort to provide strategic direction for its resort and park facilities, the Wheeling Park Commission works with Hays LAS to provide its overall master planning. This planning for its facilities includes four golf courses, public gar-dens, an arboretum, historic buildings, lakes, picnic areas, tennis, winter sports, pools, trails, service facilities, an equestrian center, festivals, roads and parking, design guidelines, view sheds, natural features, the zoo, numer-ous cottages and Wilson Lodge.

All master planning is done in a user-friendly format that is both economical and flexible to the change inherent in the master planning process. The plan also serves as a menu for the Oglebay Foundation to present to potential donors for funding.

Specific project involvement, in addition to the master planning, includes: aquatic center study, zoo plaza re-design, roads, trail, parking, and plaza relocation for lodge additions, snow tubing studies, environmental center landscape, public gar-den designs, arboretum updating, and wayfinding graphics.



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