WallacePancher Group has over 50 years experience successfully managing County, City, and State Department of Transportation (DOT) projects of all sizes—including several major transportation projects and studies.

We prepare engineering studies, specific site analyses, and structural design of bridges, including foundations, retaining walls, and building structures. Our combined expertise also includes bridge inspection, bridge analysis, and structural design varying in size from small non-complex to large complex multiple-span bridges. This includes on-site consultation during construction.

All of our structural engineers are involved in bridge design, bridge inspection, and bridge load rating for maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement. Additionally, our team also helps design the new structures.

Our structural analysis and design software analyzes a broad range from simple stringers to continuous girders to finite element analysis. WallacePancher Group’s staff is involved in all aspects of a range of simple to complex bridge projects. This has led to our company’s recognition as a leading bridge engineering firm in the tri-state region.

Let the skilled professionals at WallacePancher Group help plan and design your next structural project to achieve maximum success.


What We Do

  • Bridge Design (Simple and Complex)
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Structural and Load Rating Analysis
  • New Bridge Installation
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies
  • Structural Steel Repair and Strengthening
  • Concrete Repair and Reconstruction for Piers and Abutments
  • Expansion Joint Replacement and Seals
  • Parapets and Railing, Approach Slabs
  • Retaining Walls and Box Culverts
  • Utility Supports
  • Historic Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Shoring Structures for Repairs
  • Raising, Relocating and Realigning Bridge Structures
  • Bearing Removal and Replacement
  • Construction Administration

What is Structural Engineering?

Structural engineering deals primarily with the design, analysis, and construction of structures to ensure their strength and stability. The practice combines scientific and mathematical principles to develop durable structures that can survive various stressors and environmental factors.

Structural engineers design a wide range of structures, like buildings, bridges, tunnels, and towers. A structural engineering firm collaborates closely with architects and other environmental consultants to create functional and aesthetically pleasing designs while considering the structural integrity of the project.

Some of the key elements of structural engineering include:

Structural Analysis – Performing calculations and simulations to assess the behavior of structures under different loads, including gravity, wind, seismic activity, and temperature variations.

Design – Developing detailed plans and specifications for the structural components of a project, including beams, columns, foundations, and connections.

Material Selection – Choosing appropriate construction materials based on their properties, performance, and cost-effectiveness while ensuring compliance with safety codes and regulations.

Construction Oversight – Collaborating with construction teams to ensure that the structures are built according to the approved designs and standards, conducting site inspections, and addressing any structural issues that may arise during construction.

Retrofitting and Rehabilitation – Assessing existing structures for potential weaknesses, deterioration, or damage. Then the structural engineering team makes recommendations for repairs, strengthening, or retrofitting to extend the structure’s lifespan.

Major Bridges

  • CUY-480-1842 L&R, 4,150-foot continuous steel girder over Cuyahoga River Valley
  • CUY-2-1466, 6.500-foot Main Avenue Bridge over Cuyahoga River and Flats. Complete analysis and rating of 15 different structure types including deck truss structure
  • CUY-10-1613, Hope Memorial steel deck truss over Cuyahoga River
  • CUY-90-1524, 5,080-foot high-level deck truss over Cuyahoga River Valley
  • CUY-490-0100, 3,642-foot high-level continuous steel beam over Cuyahoga River Valley
  • HAM-50-2180N, Columbia Parkway, 1.659-foot steel deck truss over IR471
  • LAK-90-2342 L&R over Grand River, twin steel deck truss structures 870 feet long. Truss analysis, guest plate analysis for reconstructing failed truss gusset plates, and gusset plate analysis for stiffening inadequate gusset plates
  • LAW-93C-0000, 2.041-foot steel through truss over Ohio River
  • LOR-611-0344, 1,600-foot high-level through truss over Black River. Complete analysis and load rating. Truss connection gusset plate analysis. Steel repair and retrofit.
  • MEG-33-1578, steel through truss over Ohio River.
  • SUM-8-0195, 1,500 foot steel deck truss over Little Cuyahoga River
  • WAR-71-1514 L&R, Jeremiah Morrow, 2.230-foot twin deck truss over Little Miami River

Minor Bridges

  • Municipal Bridge Inspection – annual inspection of about 450 bridges in smaller municipalities in northwest Ohio.
  • City of Ashland – Annual inspection of the City’s 22 inventoried bridges. Simple span steel beams, prestressed concrete box beams, steel through girders, concrete slabs, and stone and steel culverts.
  • City of Canton – Annual inspection of the City’s 23 inventoried bridges. Through girder, box beam, steel beam, culvert, and slab. Annual inspection and load rating analysis of eight bridges.
  • City of Clyde – Annual inspection of the City’s 6 inventoried bridges. Simple span prestressed concrete box beams, concrete slabs, filled arches, and culverts.
  • City of Massillon – Inspection of the City’s 10 bridges. Three-span continuous steel beam, steel through truss, simple span prestressed concrete box beams, concrete frames, and steel culverts.
  • City of Mount Vernon – Annual inspection of the City’s 5 inventoried bridges. Simple span prestressed concrete box beams, concrete slabs, and steel culverts.
  • City of North Ridgeville – Annual inspection and load rating analyses of the City’s 36 inventoried bridges. Three span continuous steel beam, simple span prestressed concrete box beams, concrete frames, concrete slabs, concrete culverts, stone culverts and steel culverts.
  • City of Shelby – Annual inspection of the City’s 12 inventoried bridges.
  • Vrooman Road in Lake County – Emergency inspection of flood-damaged bridge for the Lake County Engineer.
  • CEAO Bridge Load Ratings, load rating of over 700 bridges.


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