Indian Mill Bridge

Indian Mill Bridge Rehabilitation

The Wyandot, Ohio County Engineer retained Richland Engineering Limited (REL), a WallacePancher company, to conduct a preservation design on the Indian Mill Bridge over the State Scenic Sandusky River. The Bridge was originally constructed in 1913 adjacent to the Indian Mill, a grist mill built in 1861. The bridge is a 177-foot single span, double intersection Pratt through truss.

The rehabilitation developed for the bridge included complete disassembly of the steel superstructure; replacement of the floor system including timber strip deck, steel roadway stringers and floorbeams; replacement of deteriorated truss members; and a protective coating for the steel.

The construction concept for the disassembly and reassembly of the bridge was to erect a 227-foot long Liberty Series Truss within the existing truss and use this temporary bridge as a support to slide the truss onto the east approach roadway. The bridge was then disassembled and reassembled in pieces from the ground. This approach eliminated the need for a temporary pad in th



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