From our beginnings as a basement start-up, WallacePancher Group (WPG) has steadily grown following the core vision of “bridging the gap between engineering and ecology”.

Since 2001, our professionals follow that same vision to execute complex, multidisciplinary projects. Our professionals include engineers, environmental scientists, landscape architects, design technicians, surveyors, and an amazing administrative staff that work together to deliver projects.

Our core philosophies of working as a Team and Strong Customer Service promotes the collaboration of client and design professionals to advance projects. To achieve this, we thoughtfully blend staff from each discipline to form management-staff structures that encourage collaboration at all phases of project development. We cross-train staff among the disciplines so each has a core knowledge and an appreciation for the other’s expertise, while also expanding the overall skills and capabilities of our staff.

How We've Grown

The WallacePancher Group consists of an expanding group of firms that have joined together to provide comprehensive in-house, land development and infrastructure design services.

2016 – Hays Landscape Architecture Studio in St. Clairsville, OH acquired by WPG

2020 – Richland Engineering Limited (REL) in Mansfield, OH joined WPG

2022 – Mackay Engineering & Surveying in Cleveland, OH joined our Team

These strategic acquisitions enhance the capabilities and depth of staff resources by offering Landscape Architecture (Hays), Roadway and Structural Engineering (REL), and Municipal Engineering (Mackay).


Our reputation is built upon our people and the quality of work we perform in the successful completion of projects.

Our Team has the experience and expertise to move your project ideas from a vision to design drawings to the ribbon-cutting ceremony. We work hard to provide innovative and cost efficient solutions to problems and challenges. We pride ourselves on delivering the “big company” product, with the flexibility and attentiveness of a “small company.” also expanding the overall skills and capabilities of our staff.


WallacePancher Group provides professional Civil Engineering services for a variety of projects and clients from initial site surveys through final design plans, permitting and construction inspections.

Our Project Managers and Staff Engineers are focused on accurate and timely project design while delivering high-level customer service. We have served clients in every step of the land development process; provided engineering consulting for municipalities, agencies, and private developers; as well as met the strict guidelines in transportation design.

We are adept and familiar with all aspects of land development projects, including surveying, site layout and grading, NPDES/SWPPP permitting, Stormwater Management and Design, infrastructure design and coordination, construction plans, technical specifications, construction oversight, and coordination with local, county, and state agencies. Land development projects range from residential improvements to commercial, industrial and retail sites and institutional/educational facilities.



Site Planning, Analysis and Design

Street and Roadway Design

Bridge and Structural Design

Land Development Plan Preparation

Site Grading & Earthwork

Hydrologic & Hydraulic (H&H) Analysis

Stormwater Management Design

Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Design

NPDES Permitting

ADA Accessibility Analysis and Design

Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Services

Final Design Plans and Construction Documents

Construction Specification and Cost Estimates

Green Infrastructure Design

Highway Occupancy Permitting (HOP)

Construction Monitoring and Inspection


WallacePancher Group’s staff of biologists and environmental scientists provide the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the complex environmental laws and regulations that govern the project development process.

Since 2001, WallacePancher Group has developed a wide and diversified portfolio of successful projects across many business sectors, from Coal Mining to Commercial and Institutional Development to Transportation.

We approach each project with expertise in both the environmental regulations and the ecological principles that underpin those regulations. We have developed solid relationships with local, state, and federal regulators, which aid our clients with applications that meet the often “unwritten” requirements of regulators and result in efficient reviews and approvals.

Our staff has taken advanced training classes in Wetland Delineation and Botany, Macroinvertebrate Taxonomic Certifications, various state level data collection procedures (ORAM, QHEI, HHEI, Level 2 EA), HAZWOPPER, Brownfield Redevelopment, and Stream Restoration, among others.

From ecological data collection and assessment to site contamination evaluations, the Environmental Staff at WallacePancher Group have the knowledge and experience to guide even the most challenging project through the regulatory process.

We provide a wide array of environmental services over a diverse range of projects and clients. Our Project Managers and Staff Environmental Scientists have the regulatory knowledge and experience to efficiently navigate projects through the oftentimes complex process for permit approvals.



State and Federal Permitting

– General Permits

– Nationwide Permits
– Chapter 105 (PA)
– 401/404 Permit Applications

Avoidance, Minimization and Alternatives Analysis

CEE / EA / EIS Documentation

Phase I ESA

Historic Cultural Landscape Documentation

Wetland Delineation and Stream Assessment

Geographic Information System (GIS) Database Management

Wetland and Stream Mitigation Planning and Design

Natural Channel Design and Bioengineering Techniques

Freshwater Macroinvertebrate Sample Processing and Taxonomic Identification

Weather Station and Data Collector Installation, Calibration, and Maintenance