Log Pond Run Diversion Channel Restoration

The City of Newark initiated the restoration of the Log Pond Run Diversion Channel to address the growing concerns of deterioration of streambed and banks at its confluence with Raccoon Creek within the city limits. The project consisted of restoring approximately 1,300 LF of Log Pond Run Diversion Channel and approximately 400 LF of Raccoon Creek upstream of its confluence.

The project included the removal of a grouted section of streambed, streambank stabilization and revegetation, establishing a natural thalweg (the low flow channel), installation of in-stream habitat structures (e.g., rock cross vanes), and the reduction of excess sediment load that is transported downstream to Dillon Lake.

Primary goals of the project included:

1. Improve aquatic habitat and overall biological health of Log Pond Run Division Channel and Raccoon Creek.

2. Re-establishing a natural channel with positive flow from an Unnamed Tributary to Log Pond Run Diversion Channel to reduce mosquito habitat and to enhance the pedestrian experience on the adjacent walking trail and bridge.

3. Reduce streambank erosion and sediment loading in the Log Pond Run Division Channel and ultimately Raccoon Creek and Dillon Lake.

4. Introduce educational signage associated with the restoration focused on water quality, sedimentation and re-establishing aquatic habitat areas as part of the restoration.



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