North Lake Park Bridge

North Lake Park Bridge

The city of Mansfield, Ohio retained Richland Engineering Limited (REL), a WallacePancher Group company to perform rehabilitation design of the North Lake Park Bridge.

The former bridge was constructed in 1898 and was a double-barrel arch that utilized three layers of brick with a sandstone veneer that was soon covered with a beautiful layer of ivy. The picturesque bridge was considered such a treasure of the city that images were used in civic publications, travel brochures, and other advertisements. Over time, the bridges northern parapet had partially collapsed, and the arches were beginning to fail.

REL set out to maintain the landmark properties of the bridge, reusing much of the sandstone from the original bridge. The new bridge is a single arch pre-cast concrete structure with a sandstone veneer.

The North Lake Park Bridge will continue to offer iconic views for at least another century in Mansfield.



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