Clary Childrens Garden

Clary Children’s Garden

Hays LAS, a WallacePancher Group company, worked directly with the Director of Clary Gardens to design a master plan for a new children’s garden facility. The design idea offered visitors a walk in the footsteps of Native Americans and Pioneers. The main accessible path connects areas throughout the 5-acre garden that showcases features related to that era. A Native American Roundhouse and adjacent fire ring greets patrons at the top of the property.

From there, a winding path takes visitors through a corn field and emerges at a two-story Pioneer fort with rope ladders, slides, and accessible bridge. A slide from the fort takes the more daring visitors to the Calder’s Cabin, a replicated miniature house that interprets past inhabitants of the property and their mid-19th century lifestyle. The last area before reaching the museum is an ‘Activity Barn’ where visitors may hold events and parents can comfortably watch their children in other areas of the garden.

Features Include:

  • Sensory and Meadow Gardens
  • Root Cellar
  • Orchard
  • Interactive Stone Bridge


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